Does Chris still provide market insights for the real estate market?

Chris is interviewed regularly by media outlets and also speaks weekly within the real estate industry regarding the market and related topics. The focus is to keep people up to date on the constant change it undergoes and how it might impact them individually or within their business.

Has Chris written other books?

No, this is his first published book! While Chris writes often and has published articles, this is his first book. It is rumored his second is bubbling onto paper now!

How do I get more information on the topics Chris can speak to as well as scheduling him to speak at my event?

You may email chris@masiello.com for more information and to see if Chris would be a good fit for your event. 

At what type of events does Chris speak?

Chris Masiello’s audience is vast. From real estate and related industry professionals to business teams to specialty groups, Chris can bring an empowering voice to any setting. Leadership groups and multidepartment companies would also learn a great deal in unraveling silos and adapting to change within their respective organizations.

How did Chris discover his ability to empower others?

Chris has always valued being a team player and has understood that the genius of the team is greater than that of any one individual. Starting with a team sports passion as a youth and then working his way up through his families real estate brokerage operation, it was evident Chris holds the ability to empower those around him. He understood from a young age that for a team to be successful, every voice and every hand is needed, it isn’t one person that brings about success. 
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