Change Intelligence Assessment

The following test derived from the book will help you assess where you are currently strong and where you could improve within the six different areas of Change Intelligence. My recommendation is that you take this assessment before reading the book and practice the exercises in each chapter, then follow-up with the same assessment after you have completed the book. Subsequently, you can follow your own progress, taking this assessment as many times as you feel comfortable and recording your scores within each chapter. This same test is also accessible inside the back cover of the book.

For each question below, select one box according to how often you feel you practice or identify with the skill being named.

Chapter 1 Assessment

Welcome to your Change Intelligence Assessment: Chapter 1

Know when you are responding to events reactively

Can actively monitor your own thought process

Understand your emotions as they happen

Are patient with yourself to develop new habits

Feel change as an opportunity

Chapter 2 Assessment

Welcome to your Change Intelligence Assessment: Chapter 2

Feel curious or excited by the future

Think about ways to influence things in your control

Use language like “I can, I will”

Feel fully responsible for what you say and do

Focus your efforts on things you can influence

Chapter 3 Assessment

Welcome to your Change Intelligence Assessment: Chapter 3

Ask yourself, “What can I learn here?”

Find yourself allowing things to unfold

Feel excited for new opportunities

Think creatively about new ways to do things

Go with the flow of events

Chapter 4 Assessment

Welcome to your Change Intelligence Assessment: Chapter 4

Don’t get swept up in the energy of others

Can take a step back to gain perspective

Are able to be present and mindful

Are aware of any emotion you may be feeling

Sit back and simply observe things around you

Chapter 5 Assessment

Welcome to your Change Intelligence Assessment: Chapter 5

Reflect on where you want to grow

Challenge yourself with tasks and ideas

Explore new things and ideas

Welcome opportunities to learn new things

Feel like you can count on change

Chapter 6 Assessment

Welcome to your Change Intelligence Assessment: Chapter 6

Can move forward with the events around you

Jump right in and get to work

Write down and measure your process on goals

Create circles of accountability for yourself

Are kind to yourself in achieving your goals


Point Key:

  • Never = 0 Points
  • Rarely= 1 Points
  • Sometimes= 2 Points
  • Usually = 3 Points
  • Almost Always= 4 Points
  • Always= 5 Points

Add your totals here:

  • Chapter 1 _____ points out of 25
  • Chapter 2 _____ points out of 25
  • Chapter 3 _____ points out of 25
  • Chapter 4 _____ points out of 25
  • Chapter 5 _____ points out of 25
  • Chapter 6 _____ points out of 25
On the chart below you will see what each of these scores corresponds to. If your score is higher, this is a strength you can build upon. However, if your score is lower, this is an area that you can improve.
SCORE: 22 - 25


These scores are much higher than average and indicate a noteworthy strength. These strengths probably come naturally to you or exist because you have worked hard to develop them. Seize every opportunity to use these change intelligence behaviors to maximize your success. You are highly competent in this skill, so work to capitalize on it and achieve your potential.

SCORE: 18 – 21


This score is above average. However, there are a few situations where you don't demonstrate change intelligence behavior. There are many things you've done well to receive this score and a few that could be better with some practice. Study the behaviors for which you received this score and consider how you can polish your skills.

SCORE: 14 – 18


You are aware of some of the behaviors for which you received this score, and you are doing well with them. Other change intelligence behaviors in this group are holding you back. Lots of people start here and see a big improvement in their change intelligence once it's brought to their attention. Use this opportunity to discover the difference and improve in the areas where you don't do as well.

SCORE: 10- 14


This is an area where you sometimes demonstrate change intelligence behavior but not usually. You may be starting to let people down. Perhaps this is a skill area that doesn't always come naturally for you or that you don't make use of. With a little improvement in this skill, your adaptability will go way up.

SCORE: 10 and Below


This skill area is either a problem for you, you don't value it, or you didn't know it was important. The bad news is your skills in this area are limiting your effectiveness. The good news is this discovery and choosing to do something about it will go a long way in improving your change intelligence behavior.


Each of the 6 Sections of the assessment apply to the 6 Chapters of your book. Pay close attention to your scores in each section and practice the exercises in each chapter to improve your score. At the end of the book, you will have a chance to take this assessment again and compare your scores over time.
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