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Christopher James Masiello

Industry Luminary • Best-Selling Author • Empowerment Leader
From 40 years of conquering the real estate market, Chris, an Empowerment Speaker and Luminary shares how you can master change, envelop strong leadership skills, and reach goals you once thought unattainable.
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May 14, 2024

Embracing the Stretch: How to Thrive in Your Growth Zone

In our personal and professional lives, the concept of comfort, stretch, and panic zones is integral to understanding how we can grow and achieve our full potential. In exploring these psychological spaces, we can identify where you are and how to optimally push into your stretch zone for maximum growth without tipping into the overwhelming […]
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May 14, 2024

6 Simple Steps to Adjust Your Wiring: Embracing Change for Personal Growth

Life is an ever-changing and exciting journey that requires constant adjustment and adaptation. Changes compel us to reassess and recalibrate our paths, whether it's a career shift, a new relationship, or a personal challenge. There are six practical steps to help us adjust your mental wiring, enabling us to navigate life's changes with agility and […]
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